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It’s not hard until it’s hard - Není to těžké dokud to není těžké

August 25th, 2013

Serve or be served? - Sloužíte nebo si necháváte sloužit?

August 18th, 2013

As a Pastor, I have noticed that two kinds of Christians usually come to church, those who have come to serve, and those who come to see what we've got to offer them. 

Look what the Lord has done - Podívejte se, co učinil Pán

August 11th, 2013
When God brings revival into our lives, we receive an awakening, and a revitalization. Restoration and refreshing!
Things that were left for dead suddenly come to life. Like rain in the desert, what was once barren and lifeless begins to overflow with life and promise. 

What is the Pastor’s Job? - Pastorova role v církvi

August 4th, 2013
I would like to talk about the role of the Pastor in the Church of Jesus Christ. I have been thinking about this for days and want this to be informational, challenging, correctional and instructional.
These are some things that I have experienced and most Pastors have. To receive the most from the ministry that God has called me to, it is important that you understand the position and responsibilities of the calling.