I am concerned that too many people are dropping out of the race, not finishing the work! - Mám obavy, že příliš mnoho lidí vypadne ze závodu, a to ukončení práce!

I am concerned 
Our path of growth is supposed to “away from the center of the universe.”
There seems to be this teaching that God has kept us in the center of the universe when we were saved. Maybe it is not said that way, but the outcome of self centered, self-glorifying doctrine has had this result.

We desire and expect good, happiness, health, growth and forward movement. All that God created he called good.
But what happens when it doesn't go this way? When we realize that we live in a fallen world, with fallen men?
What happens when we receive something that we didn’t expect or want? When we come face to face with loss, sickness, even death. 
These things were never meant to be, not in the world that God planned. One day it will once again be the place where all tears are wiped away and peace rules. 
But what do we do now?