January 15, 2014

Prayer Group Leader training class part 1

       You must be a leader

       You must be an example in your Christian walk 

       You must plan and communicate and carry out those plans to include having the prayer meeting consistently.

       Be Prepared

       Prepare the place (get the kids down, turn off cell phones, TVs, radios, etc…)

       Prepared in the spirit and in the word of God

       Pray for the members of the group

       Know the voice of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

       Know when the devil is speaking 

       You must be compassionate and an encourager

       But not try to answer everyone's prayer

       Nor try to get the group or the church to answer their prayers, know when God wants them to go through something.

       You must guard yourself

       From deceptive prayers

       Disguised gossip

       Disguised fishing for help

       Seeking sympathy from people instead of help from God.


       From over involvement (what I said above as well as relational dangers)

       Here is a danger for both men and women

       Pray in groups not alone one on one with the opposite sex unless others are present (near by) no outside alone meetings

       Don't carry burdens that you are not supposed to carry


       You must guard the group

       Learn to identify the flesh from the spirit

       From deceptive people

       Attention seekers (taking over the meeting)

       Other wrong motives (unclean relationships, dating,)

       Pure emotional fleshly praying (oh I feel, I…)

       Babbling prayers (nonsense, fantasy praying, unbiblical, heretical, historical stories)

       People who will mislead the people

       Prideful attitudes (we are more spiritual that others, the Pastor is wrong, I don't agree with decisions made by the leadership, we know something from God that others don't)

       These are signs of wrong motives, demonic activity and division)

       Stop them gently and publicly

       Remember others are listening (and might talk to others about this)

       Taboo PRAYING

       Confidential info (private)


       Teaching prayers

       Complaining prayers

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