January 22, 2014

Prayer Group Leader training class part 2

       Running a prayer meeting

       Plan to have the meeting when it does not conflict with other church activities.

       Have a day you keep, a starting time you keep and constantly encourage people to be on time.

       Identify an assistant leader as soon as possible.

       Establish Guidelines for the group (input can comes from the group)

       Start, stop times

       Location, frequency,

       Leader, second leader,

       Where each member can call you or the group on. 

       This would outline the purpose of the group, starting time, what will not be done by the group.

       A prayer chain, contact info to each member, a facebook group etc…

       Remember this is a prayer group not a home group

       Meaning the focus is not primarily food, fellowship, teaching, sharing, games, bible reading, or any other activity.

       Limit testimonies.

       Dedicate at least 2/3 of the time to pure prayer. (not including prayer requests, explanations etc.…) in the first 1/3 should fit all other activities.

       The leader should not teach!

       Reserve refreshments till the end of the meeting so as to not hinder the prayer time. If people need to leave they can.

       People have only so much time. If they want these other activities then plan outside this meeting, like another day.

       No Problem Solving - One of the tendencies of Christian groups is to turn prayer request time into a counseling session. That’s one reason we often don’t have time to pray. We’re too busy trying to solve the problem ourselves. This is truly the work of the enemy to keep us from praying! State the “no problem solving” guideline up front. Then, as soon as someone begins to offer advice, remind them that we need to pray about the problem, not solve it.

       The leader will give the group direction for each meeting (the more prepared you are the more the meeting will flow)

       Prayer topics

       Regular church things, leaders, ministries, etc.


       Stay on topic (if you say we will pray for this, then stay there and then move to another subject)

       Upcoming events (worship nights, special services, men, meat , movie, women's meetings etc.) new hope events (CPU, etc..) that means you have to stay informed)

       A portion for individual prayer needs, not all. Unless that is the theme of the day)

       Have some form so that each person can be prayed for once.

       No Monopoly Don't let one person bring many prayer requests.

       Know when the prayer request is supposed to be prayed for by the individual, the group is not there to do the praying for them. Remember the story of the 10 virgins who didn’t want to get oil for themselves they want the oil from others.)

       No 3rd party distant prayer requests - Encourage them to keep it personal, not just prayers for people they know a situations in the world (encourage them to pray for this in their personal prayer times)

       Pray for Kingdom things (your kingdom come, be specific)

       Prayer in understanding and in the spirit.

       Don’t avoid concerted praying.

       Encourage others to pray

       Don’t surprise people you are not sure will or can pray. Ask them in advance and give them an idea about the topic.

       Give outlines and assign people.

       Don’t be afraid of silence (silence doesn’t mean nothing is happening.)

       Know when you are finished or not

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